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Wisdom 31:15 A Daily Joy. Monday January 16, 2017

Well, I'm half way through my self-set challenge! I wanted to read a chapter of the book of Proverbs each day throughout January and share which verses jumped out at me!

Today, it is the turn of Proverbs chapter 15.

Of course there is a ton of treasure in this chapter, as in all the others, but I'm just going to focus on a single verse, verse 30:

'A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones.'

How about that as a Daily Quest?

Do you think you and I could dig within ourselves to find a cheerful look to share with someone each day?

And then...

Do you also think that you and I could be thoughtful enough to pay a genuine complement to someone each day?

I think a genuine complement is 'good news' for anyone who hears and accepts it.

I'd like healthy bones, wouldn't you? This is the promise: good news gives health to the bones!

There's a lady up at my local Tesco Express who has one of the most wonderful smiles on the planet. Hers is matched by my friend Darren Regis-Williams - when he smiles, the room lights up! I will go out of my way to see them because they give energy.

I have many other friends who give unsolicited words of encouragement. They are worth their weight in gold to me. I deeply appreciate them.

You and I can be that kind of friend to others.

Wouldn't it be great if your friends and colleagues could say of you,

"Everybody needs a bit of {your name} in their lives!"

Let's focus on sharing that cheerful look and those kind and good words. I can guarantee you'll have a great day!

A Moodscope member.
Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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Molly Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 6:07am

I rarely leave the house at the moment but there is a cheery woman over the co-op (well you mentioned tescos!!) and she is forever happy, smiling, I have nicknamed her 'what a bargain' not because her happy nature gives everyone a bargain, as in free for all, I don't think she charges more for being happy, but she will tell you about reduced products and she gets great delight if you buy the bread for 20p that is nearing its sell by date. And she's always bloody happy ! And whilst I will smile at any passer by (mainly through the window so they can't see me) a smile, a hello, goes so very far. I wonder if these smiley people are really happy? Thanks for your post Lex, let's spread the love :-)

Lex Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 10:27am

Let's spread the love! Better than Marmite!! Are they really happy? Everybody who doesn't know me, thinks I'm happy!!! I smile a lot... and if that can bring others a moment of good cheer, then I shall shine on like a crazy diamond! :-)

Gordon Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 7:19am

Great challenge. I'm in! Got three before breakfast! Have a great day all

Lex Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 10:27am

Hat Trick!!! Love it, Gordon!!!

LP Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 7:38am

Hi Lex,
I'm generally a friendly person ( other than past lows) but am not sure how much smiling is involved!
Some people naturally have a cheery look about them and smiley eyes which is rare. Some just have a "serious face" when there's nothing wrong. I'm aware that the sides of my mouth are naturally down turned and ty to level them out when I'm out and about.
I went to visit someone in hospital recently and while I was waiting in a corridor, a male South American looking cleaner didnt even see me but just looked so happy and smiley he immediately made me smile and realise how my default demeanor seemed to be lost in thinking about whats wrong.
I also like that children often naturally remain serious when in company unless there's a good reason to smile and arent self concious about it. There's often an innocent carefree honesty about them which is refreshing.
I honestly think that weather makes a difference too!
Thanks for bringing a smile today Lex, it's grey and drizzly in London so smile sharing is a great idea for today! Big smiles to you and all. LPxx

Lex Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 10:29am

Thanks, LP... and yes, the weather makes such a difference. That's why I love, "Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you!" - that line from the Crowded House song. Nothing wrong with being serious (or sad), but it's lovely to share a smile, isn't it? I share another one with you, right here, right now xx

Jul Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 11:16am

Hi LP. I totally agree with you about children. Although their honesty and reactions can be disconcerting at times, I have noticed too that they remain serious until something genuinely makes them smile. It's good to be serious and genuine. However I like Lex's message today. Kindness and smiles make the world go round. I often listen to people chatting and laughing anywhere I go, workmen on a station forecourt, a shop, in the street and think how wonderful that they are cheerful and can be so lighthearted. I find it difficult to relate to this cheerful jokeyness at times but it's good and must surely brighten up ones day. Jul xx

DAVE Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 8:09am

HI Lex,

I concur with your blog INDUBITABLY......when last in London coming back in a packed train to Brighton, no seats all standing, no one looking at anyone, quieter than a morgue...I was with my wife and middle daughter.
I could stand the atmosphere no longer...I said out aloud..."Did anyone hear that pin drop", most were grinning or laughing that seemed to break the silence.

We do not have to sail over the cliff with all the Lemmings so-to-speak, to make waves, as If you're a shy person, sometimes it takes one small question, to 'Fire' someone up...As there are lots who love to talk all about themselves...

Have a great day, and smile as you may attract a little wave of laughter !


Lex Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 10:33am

Oooo, Dave... that's a veritable 'Mexican Wave' of an idea. Talk about pay it forward! We can all see if the smile is contagious! Ripples of delight! (And thanks for 'INDUBITABLY'...undoubtedly a word with 5 gorgeous syllables!!!!!)

Jul Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 8:58am

Good morning Lex. As you know I love your blogs,your ebullience and uplifting messages. However, I have one concern and I do hope you take this the right way, You'd better!! You often quote from the Bible, I worry that Moodscope has members of different persuasions, different religious beliefs, no religious beliefs and that we should be all inclusive and respect this. I realise you use quotes from the Bible to illustrate your points and that's why you often use Biblical quotes. You are not trying to convert or prosthelitise!! You are indeed very moderate. However if I had my choice I would ban all mention of religions from such a site as Moodscope but I understand that isn't possible. Or at least I assume there are few rules and that's as it should be. It's a difficult one but I have been wanting to bring this subject up for a while now and now I've done it. Julxx

Lex Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 10:41am

You've done it! I'd run towards the 'danger', Jules, not away from it. Some of my favourite stories come from Native American traditions, from Zen Buddhism, and from Sufi teachings. Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene wrote a very interesting book called Buzan's Book of Genius. They 'banned' anyone who had a religious bias - so Solomon was out. I thought then, and think now, that this was a huge mistake. I'm not keen to proselytise - but I am keen to develop wisdom. I recognise that Solomon in particular was a Statesman - a diplomat and politician - but of a religious state. I find his gathered wisdom saying palatable for all faiths - in fact, his faith is not my faith! I think if anyone takes offence, they should feel free to say, but Theology is my degree, my background, my culture and my source of much inspiration! To avoid it would be to deny my past and that which I value. I feel 'safe' enough with lovely Moodscopers like you to 'risk' a bit of 'feedback' but I'm not ashamed of my profession! xx

Jul Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 11:09am

Thanks for replying Lex. And in the way you have. Jul xx

Lex Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 12:35pm

I love our exchanges - they make me a better man! xx

Jul Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 2:40pm

Ha ha ha!! I wish. But what am I are perfect Lex just as you are. No-one can make you a better man. What I meant was I wish I was that influential. But actually Lex, I think we both make each other feel better. A love fest. Love Jules x

Lex Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 3:20pm

That's the way the magic works... xx

Frank by the Quayside Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 9:17am

Hi Lex, Timing is great as January is my most difficult month, well at least that what my brain tells me. I finding different ways to keep positive and yes smiling at someone or making that small beautiful comment to brighten someones day makes us feel good too. I will now give my support person in South Africa a skype call and tell her how much her work is appreciated each day in supporting my weeks work here in the UK.
You are always an inspiration Lex and have a very special heart so when you communicate the world feels better.

Lex Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 10:42am

Frank by the Quayside - you have brought health to my bones! I deeply appreciate that... and I know the heart and bones of your support person in South Africa is going to sing too!

The Gardener Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 11:31am

Nice blog - cheering and inspiring. Lovely smile from prettiest nurse this morning - and I complemented her on a new hair-cut. Behind Mr g's back she was making hand signals that he was obstreperous and foul-tempered, which is getting worse. Lots smiles in town. The whole town seems determined to keep me cheerful - guy opening up his bar will smile and wave wildly from behind the counter. I phoned a d-in-law last night and we gossiped and laughed for an hour - Mr G trying to stop me all the time - final, Violet-Elizabeth Bott mode, going to be sick

Lex Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 12:38pm

I think you are a magnet for good people. Your 'Gardening' includes growing the best in others to fruition and sowing the kindest of seeds. We understand Mr G may not be able to benefit but look at how everyone else loves you demonstrably. And you always take time to sow seeds here... I love that about you.

Lacey Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 1:01pm

great blog;I need to join in more!!
just to say i agree with everything you say
be with radiators not drainers
i've just spent the last ten days with my mum and it went badly sadly.....
however new day new hope
keep up the great inspirational blogging

Lex Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 1:15pm

That's a great call to action, Lacey... and thank you for 'radiators' and not 'drainers' - what a great pair of descriptors! As for relatives... hmmm, I bet you'll have some nodding heads. Perhaps you'd write a blog on Radiators and Drainers?

The Gardener Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 3:40pm

Lex, thanks for kind words - perhaps too kind, you should see me now. Had a 'reader' for two hours, shocked at Mr G's deterioration in two weeks - I can't face sitting in opposite armchair and be berated - only through glass doors, but he'll call for me all the time. I've got loads of things I OUGHT to do, and more I'd LOVE to do - the permanent miserable, despairing atmosphere is sapping my physical energy, and I don't think I've ever given 'enthusiastic' on the cards the lowest rating. I wrote about 80 articles for our church magazine in UK - one of them was 'Reasons to be Cheerful'. Will dig it out, and see if it has any parallels with Proverbs.

Lex Mon, Jan 16th 2017 @ 4:57pm

Ah, "Reasons To Be Cheerful," one of my favourite songs... Ian Dury - certainly no blockhead! Through empathy (and for some of us, sympathy) we can well imagine the physical energy drain matching the emotional drain, so I hope that you'll find reasons to be cheerful today... and tomorrow.

Karen Wed, Jan 18th 2017 @ 8:29pm

Thanks for the reminder of how good it feels to compliment someone, and hoe nice it would be to accept compliments without question

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